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"Redefining Schizophrenia" is an anti-stigma campaign designed to foster a better understanding of schizophrenia and cultivate empathy for those affected by the condition. Over a three-month period, the campaign included in-depth research, discussions with professional doctors and counselors, and a carefully designed public survey. The insights gained from these activities led to the creation of a series of products for the campaign. The project features a blend of illustrations and warm graphics to appeal to people of all ages. The campaign is structured into four distinct parts, each contributing to raising awareness under a unified brand identity.

Brand Identity Design 
Graphic Design

Goals of Campaign

Short Term Goal

Educate people about the seriousness of Schizophrenia and, using these tools, make them understand the everyday troubles of people who suffer from this illness. This will further help people to sympathise rather than stigmatise people who have Schizophrenia and treat them like fellow human beings.


Long Term Goal

Understanding the full extent of Schizophrenia will redefine what the illness means to people. This will help to provide people with Schizophrenia equal opportunities for employment and eradication of unfair treatment.

Core Brand Values

Voice Values




Visual Values




Meaning Behind the Name

The term “REDEFINE” means,

“to change the meaning of something or to make people think about something in a new or different way / to re-evaluate to change.” 

Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness that consists of hallucinations/delusions and can sometimes even disable a person. It is wrongly associated with violence or Split Personality Disorder. These people are constantly suffering from unfair treatment and scrutinizing judgment. The brand name needed to tell everyone the same - that it’s time for the misunderstandings to be shunned and treat them as fellow human beings. 


The initial name for the project was “We’re all the Same”, which initially felt like a way to express union and equality between everyone. Later, the name was changed to something more direct for the audience.

Target Audience

Educated Teen and Up for Indian Audience

Educate people about the seriousness of Schizophrenia and, using these tools, make them understand the everyday troubles of people who suffer from this illness. This will further help people to sympathise rather than stigmatise people.

Choices for Name of Project

We’re All The Same


End the Stigma

Change Starts with You

Purged Plumeria

Redefining Schizophrenia


Title and Purpose

Campaign Structure

E for Eye of Grey Sisters
E for Eye of Grey Sisters


Schizophrenia Myth Buster


Break the existing stigmas attached to Schizophrenia

E for Eye of Grey Sisters
E for Eye of Grey Sisters




Unusual Uno Interactive Game


Obtain first-hand experience of the illness to create empathy.


Grocery Store 


Understand the illness from a personal perspective in the form of a poem.

Be the Helping Hand


Provide important and comprehensive information about Schizophrenia.

E for Eye of Grey Sisters
E for Eye of Grey Sisters
Brochure mockup 22.png
E for Eye of Grey Sisters
E for Eye of Grey Sisters
uno cover 1.png


Logo Structure

As the campaign's name is long, a clear typographic logo with a dynamic element was decided to be the brandmark. As they are both unique entities, they can also stand alone. The dynamic element signifies a chaotic but beautiful plumeria flower that is highly resilient in the harshest weather and soil conditions. Much like people who have Schizophrenia are treated to societal judgements and the chaos they suffer. But despite the chaos surrounding them, the flower depicts that they are still human beings who have a heart, are beautiful, and deserve equality. Each person experiences different symptoms and different circumstances. Hence, the dynamic flower element is free to change in size and design.

New RS logo-04.png
New RS logo-01.png
New RS logo-03.png
New RS logo-02.png
New RS logo-06.png
New RS logo-05.png

Initially, each part of the project used an individual font, but after reconsideration, a universal font - Titillium, is used across all elements.

P-O LOGO.png
O-P LOGO.png
Untitled_Artwork 16.png

The previous logo didn’t capture the message of the cause and hence it was decided to change it


Research Tools

Crafting a project around such a delicate topic needed information that was completely accurate and dependable. Schizophrenia is an illness that does not have enough research, or the research was completely outdated. Hence, it was necessary to articulate the information for the design through intense research that was right and would convey the correct information. 

The project consists of -

  •  In-depth research into the topic

  •  Talks with professional doctors and counsellors

  •  Detailed Survey results 

  •  One-on-One Interviews

  •  Visit to a School 


As a collaborative project, we had many doctors from NIMHANS visiting our class and giving us lectures on various topics, their problems, and the solutions we, as designers, can create and approach to the issues. We also had the opportunity to visit NIMHANS and their premises during the initial stage of the course. Discussions with doctors and counsellors alike provided first-hand experiences and issues, carving the direction towards an area that would spread awareness amongst the public. 

Finding someone who has Schizophrenia and is willing to open up about it was hard. However, I was able to find someone online, and I had the opportunity to talk to someone with Schizoaffective Disorder who was kind and open to talking about his issue. He took the time to explain how the illness affects him and the kinds of stigma he has faced throughout his life. 

Research Scope
  • Make people more aware of Schizophrenia and break the existing myths associated to it.

  • Understand the difficulties of the illness.

  • Find strategies to help people come out and share their stories.

  • Reduce isolation & discrimination in everyday life.

  • Regard them as human beings who are capable of living everyday lives as they fight thillnessss as well as the society.

Survey and Interviews

To understand the full extent of stigma embedded in society, a strategized stigma questionnaire in coordination with Dr Preethi from the Wellness team of Srishti was developed with a set of 14 questions. The questions were used in a survey that could be passed around social media easily and was also used in the one-on-one interviews.

  • Participants for the Online Survey : 152 

  • Participants for One-on-One Interview : 15

Research Visit

Schizophrenia generally starts at around the age of 15. Hence, as a part of the research, I contacted a school to understand their mental health policies, how they attack mental health illnesses, teachers’ and students understanding of mental health via a workshop.

I had the fantastic opportunity to conduct a workshop at Deens Academy and understand how they perceive mental health in a school environment. Discussions with teachers were conducted, and I involved all the students in a very interactive talk to understand their feelings about the issues at their age.

They were particularly interested in the audio simulation I had created, and they even stayed back during lunch to engage in the experience of Unusual UNO. 

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