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A handful of ongoing works/ideas for the future that are waiting to be finished.


WARNING: Updated way too frequently! 

> Illustrated Lyric book for Sleepless In __________ (album by Epik High) 

A small self initiated project that will consist of illustrations, typography and graphic design for a personal favourite 7 track album. 


"Kere" or Lake in Kannada is a very important water source in Bangalore. As the years slide by, these lakes are being contaminated and destroyed. 

This is an old college campaign project I did back in first year that consists of illustrations flowing in with poetry. It talks about the importance of preservation of water and biodiversity.

> Symmetrical Universe (REDESIGN) 

Symmetrical Universe is one of the many theories in Alan Lightman's book - The Accidental Universe. Another first year project where I have designed and created an interactive illustrative piece of the theory.

> Common Indian Myths 

Individual and playful pieces that will talk about common myths used by the society even to this day and their origins.

In parallel, I'm currently learning web design as well as Cinema 4D!

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