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A self-initiated and independent project to develop skills in Illustration and sincerely participate in the annual art event on Instagram - 36 Days of Type. Propose a strong theme of interest and a set of rules to abide by to increase the challenge during the project duration. An illustration must be created every day by visualizing each letter in multiple ways before creating the final piece. 


“36 Days of Type” is an annual art event conducted via Instagram that encourages artists to creatively design each letter of the Latin alphabet per day for 36 days.


As an avid fan of Greek Mythology and Museums, the combined theme became the core of this project in the form of an imaginary “The Great Greek Mythology” Museum. This limited period pop-up museum is supposedly curated in association with the Mythological beings to display their articles following a specific colour palette. Each item is then imagined in a real-life setting and how it could be creatively displayed with the help of various visual devices like - cabinets, display podiums, installations, games, holographic projections, miniature models, skull mounts, maps or souvenirs. Each post on Instagram reads from the perspective of the museum, inviting people to explore each article and the dangers they pose.


36 illustrations (PLUS Intro and Outro) 

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A for Argo
  • Instagram

The famous refurbished Argo, the ship Jason and the Argonauts sailed to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Argo means “Swift” in Greek and was built with the help of Athena for one of the greatest journeys in Ancient Greece.

B for Bow of Artemis
  • Instagram

Artemis is the Goddess of Hunting, Wilderness and the Moon. She carries around her infamous bow and arrow to either give life or take it away.

C for Cornucopia
  • Instagram

The Cornucopia is a horn from Amalthea which Zeus snapped from her head when he was a baby. From within it, was an endless supply of healthy food.

D for Drachma
  • Instagram

Drachma was the currency of Ancient Greece. They say if you place a Drachma in your mouth when you die, you can use it in exchange for a ride from Charon across River Styx when you enter the Underworld.

E for Eye of Grey Sisters
  • Instagram

The Grey Sisters are three very old sisters who share one single eyeball. They are known to fight with one another to gain control of the eye. Perseus once stole their eye in bargain for information of the whereabouts of Medusa.

F for Flute of Pan
  • Instagram

Pan, the God of Nature, carries it wherever he goes. The sound is said to be mesmerising and he would “try” to seduce the nymphs with it.

 G for Golden fleece
  • Instagram

he Golden Fleece was born from a sacrifice of a Golden ram that saved Phyxius. It’s the main task in Jason’s quest as it bestows the highest power to whoever possesses it. Fun Fact : it’s also Aries the constellation!

H for Helm of Hades
  • Instagram

This special headgear of Hades, the God of the Underworld, can turn the user invisible! One of the three main weapons forged by the cyclops for the three main Gods.

I for Icarus and the Sun
  • Instagram

To depict this very famous and very tragic classic, we have a special installation! We recreated Icarus standing tall with his lovely wings made with wax. And his love and constant thought for the sun was what drove him to his doom.

J for Jar of Pandora
  • Instagram

The Gods handed Pandora a jar & asked her to never open it. But due to her undying curiosity, she released all the evil into the world like death & sickness. The only thing she could contain was Hope.

K for Kalypso's island
  • Instagram

This island is the miniature version of Kalypso's home, the daughter of Titan Atlas. She made Odysseus prisoner for 7 years as she constantly tried to make him her immortal husband. But with the intervention of Hermes, she had to let him go.

L for Labyrinth
  • Instagram

The Labyrinth was an elaborate maze constructed by Daedalus to imprison the Minotaur. This happens to be a part of the bigger story which happens just before Icarus and the Sun! 

M for Minotaur
  • Instagram

The mounted head of the Minotaur! The Minotaur is a half man and half bull, a famous monster meant to roam around the labyrinth and hidden away from the world as he was an unwanted child of King Minos’ wife.

N for Necklace of Harmonia
  • Instagram

Hephaestus cursed the lineage that would bear from Aphrodite (his wife) and Ares after he found out she was cheating on him. Their daughter, Harmonia, who married Cadmus both turned into metal snakes and into a necklace.

O for Olympus snow-globe
  • Instagram

Olympus is the home of the twelve Olympians. Situated high up in the sky and amongst the clouds, this is where the Gods rest, enjoy and quarrel.

P for Peacock's
  • Instagram

When Hera found out Zeus was cheating on her she locked his lover away and made Argus, the hundred eyed monster to guard her. Zeus asked Hermes for help so he killed him to help her escape. To honour the servant, Hera transferred all his eyes to the tail of the peacock, her patron animal.

Q for Quiver of Apollo
  • Instagram

Apollo's most prized set of Quiver and arrows.

R for Rod of Asclepius
  • Instagram

The Rod of Asclepius is the real symbol of medicine and healing. Over the years, people have associated the Rod of Hermes (The Caduceus) to medicine. Asclepius is the Greek God of Medicine and not Hermes

S for
Stymphalian birds
  • Instagram

These birds are made of metal and the same ones that attacked Heracles in the Labours of Heracles. After he killed many of them using archery and hydra’s poisonous blood, the surviving ones fled to Artemis where the Argonauts encountered later.

T for Trident of Poseidon
  • Instagram

Trident of Poseidon is a three pronged spear, the main weapon of the God of the Oceans. It was forged by the same Cyclopes who crafted the Helm of Hades and Zeus’ Lightening Bolt. The Trident has power over the Seas. Poseidon can wield his power through the weapon to create tsunamis and earthquakes.

U for Underworld ant-farm
  • Instagram

Parts of the Underworld:

1) Fields of Mourning 
2) Elysian Fields
3) Isle of Blessed 
4)Asphodel Meadows 
5) Tartarus 

V for Vases with mythical substance
  • Instagram

Pottery was a widely practised craft in Ancient Greece. Here we have are five preserved vases and each of them contain a mythical substance.
1) Ambrosia: Food of the Gods.
2) Ichor: Golden ethereal blood-like fluid that runs through the Gods.
3) Moly: A magical herb
4) Water of Lethe: Lethe is the river of forgetfulness and oblivion in the Underworld. If consumed, it will erase your memories.
5) Lotus fruits: These magical fruits when consumed will you lose your desire to go home. 

W for Winged Sandals
  • Instagram

These winged sandals are one of the symbols of Hermes, the Messenger God and are made of imperishable gold. 

X for Xanthus and Balius
  • Instagram

Xanthus and Balius are some of the fastest horses in Ancient Greece.

Y for Youth fountain
  • Instagram

Drinking water from this fountain will either preserve your youth for eternity or can restore your youth if you have lost it. You need to summoning the Greek Goddess of Youth, Hebe to bless you before drinking it.

Z for Zeus' Lightning bolt
  • Instagram

This is the weapon and symbol of Zeus, the King of the Olympian Gods. This Lightning bolt rules over the skies and can only be yielded by the owner himself.

0 for Omphalos
  • Instagram

This religious stone marks the centre of the World according to Ancient Greece. Well of course, the centre of the world is not THIS museum (since it is only displayed here for a short time period) but the place called Delphi in Greece.

1 for Chaos
  • Instagram

The FIRST being to ever exist according to Greek Mythology. From Chaos, the rest of the universe was born. She (yes She!) is a shadowy realm of mass and energy.

4 for Bag of Four Winds
  • Instagram

he four winds belong to the God and King of Winds, Aeolia. When the hero Odysseus visited the Kings island, he was given a pouch containing the four winds to help him reach home safely. But because of Odysseus’ undying curiosity, he opened the bag all the way and was blown back to the King’s island. Aiolos refuse to help him again.

2 for the TWO Greatest books in Ancient Greece
  • Instagram

The Illiad and the Odyssey are the two greatest books from the Ancient Greece era. A Grand epic of the journey of Odysseus divided into two parts. 

3 for the Three Fates
  • Instagram

The Fates are a group of three weaving goddesses who are assigned to measure the length of a mortal’s life in the form of the thread of life. Clotho (the Spinner) 
Lachesis (the Allotter) and Atropos (the Cutter)

5 for Five Rivers of the Underworld
  • Instagram

These five rivers of the Underworld have their own individual properties.
Styx: The most popular one is the river of punishment and unbreakable oaths.
Acheron : River of Pain
Phlegethon : River of Fire that leads into Tartarus
Lethe : River of Forgetfulness
Cocytus : River of Sorrow

6 for Six Pomegranate seeds
  • Instagram

The six pomegranate seeds Persephone accidentally eats when Hades abducts her and brings her to the Underworld. 

Depicted in the form of a game.

7 for the Pleiades
  • Instagram

The seven sisters aka the Pleiades, are children of Atlas and companions of Artemis. When their father was too busy holding up the heavens, Orion pursues them. Out of pity, Artemis requested Zeus to place them in the sky as stars. 

8 for Eight phases of the Moon
  • Instagram

Selene is the Greek Titan of the Moon and these are her eight phases.

9 for the Nine Muses
  • Instagram

The Muses are Nine Sister Goddesses of Different forms of Art. They are considered the source of wisdom and creativity. They are as follows (in order of the artworks)
1) CLIO : Muse of History
2) POLYHYMNIA : Muse of Hymns
3) URANIA : Muse of Astronomy
4) EUTERPE : Muse of Music
5) THALIA : Muse of Comedy
6) CALLIOPE : Muse of Epic Poetry
7) TERPSICHORE : Muse of Dance
8) ERATO : Muse of Love Poetry
9) MELPOMENE : Muse of Tragedy



Argo / Aegis / Ambrosia / Achilles’ shield / Argus


Bag of Winds / Boat of Charon / Bow of Artemis / Bident 


Caduceus / Cornucopia / Cerebus / Chains of Prometheus 


Drachma / Dragon’s teeth / Delphi’s Oracle / Dyrads 


Elysium / Eros’ or Eurytus’ bow / Eye of Grey sisters 


Fates / Flute of Pan / Feather of Peacock 


Gorgon’s blood / Greek fire / Golden apples / Golden fleece

/ Gaea / Galatia 


Helm of Hades / Hammer of Hephaestus / Hydra’s blood


Ichor / Ichthyocentaurs / Iliad / Icarus and the Sun


Jason’s sword / Jar or Pandora / Sword of Justice


Kalypso’s island / Kronos’ scythe / Kampe’s scimitar


Lantern of Diogenes / Lotus / Labrys of Hephaestus

/ Labyrinth


Medusa’s head / Myrhh’s egg / Minotaur / Muses / Midas 


Necklace of Harmonia / Namean’s lion pelt / Nectar                              


Omphalos / Orpheus’ lyre / Oracle / Olympus 

Peacock’s feather / Pandora’s box / Poseidon’s trident / Palladium / Pan’s flute / Petasos


Quill of Homer / Quiver of Apollo


Ring of Gyges / Rota Fortuna / Rod of Asclepius


Stymphalian birds / Styx / Ship of Theseus / Scale of Justice

/ Siren / Satyr


Trojan’s horse / Trident of Poseidon / Thyrsus / Talaria




Vervian / Vials or Vases of mythical substances


Winged helmet / Winged sandals


Xanthus & Balius


Youth fountain


Zeus’ lightning bolt


Untitled_Artwork 15.png
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