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The Right to the City

The hardback cover for Henri Lefebvre's 'The Right to the City' embodies the book's theme of collective urban planning. It's created through workshops where diverse groups envision their ideal city. Using scanned scrap fabric and papers from Glasgow's streets, the cover becomes a patchwork reflecting the city's texture. Each workshop produces a unique variation, celebrating the diversity of urban perspectives.

Book Cover Design
Graphic Design

"The Right to the City" explores the concept of urban citizenship and advocates for inclusive urban development that prioritizes the needs and participation of all residents in shaping their cities.


What started as an idea for a collage, slowly morphed into making a patchwork of materials as the design for the book cover. This way, I also had the opportunity to handle new materials.

It was important for the design to be collaborative in nature as it was the core of the subject of the book.  After a conversation with a fellow GSA Architecture student, it was decided to conduct a workshop to enrich the collaborative effort and have the participants design their ideal city. The ideal version of Glasgow. We then set certain parameters and restrictions for the workshop.


Highlight the significance of collaborative urban planning by convening a diverse array of individuals to envision and craft their ideal rendition of Glasgow, utilizing materials sourced directly from the city to construct the cover.

Workshop Ideation

Collected material and Dummy version 

Workshop Rules

Participants, organized into groups of three with diverse backgrounds, were tasked with arranging post-it notes representing different city areas onto a 6x7 grid. The challenge was creating a cohesive composition without gaps, with a central river (River Clyde) flowing consistently through the grid. After the arrangement was confirmed, each Post-it was later replaced with a scrap piece of cloth or the collected paper to represent the particular cell. The following is the list of city parts that can be used to make the grid:

• River Clyde x5

• University x2

• Subway Station x2

• Residential Areas x3

• Commercial Areas x2

• Park x2

• Community/Public Spaces x2

• Library

• Industry

• Museum

• Office Space

• Religious Center

• Hospital

• Lake

• Market

• Govt. building

• Service building

• Railway Station

• Movie Theatre

Material Scans

Materials include subway tickets, pamphlets, flyers, maps, scrap fabrics, catalogues collected from across Glasgow

Hardback Final Cover
right to the city jacket.jpg
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